What can I expect during my visit and ketamine IV infusion treatment?

Dr Pellegrino and his team carry out an in depth consultation and review of your referral form to be certain ketamine infusion therapy is right for you. The doctor then tailors a treatment plan specifically for you based on your diagnosis and individual needs.For most patients with depression, anxiety, OCD etc, a series of six infusions are typical over 2-3 weeks to start. During each session, you are made as comfortable as possible in a soft recliner, easy lighting and soft positive music. We provide a 40 minute to 1 hour, low-dose infusion and about 20 minutes of recovery. Pain related treatment may start with a full 4 hour infusion if that is determined to be the best intervention. We will carefully monitor your vital signs during the infusion and adjust treatment based on your response. We regularly check on you to be certain everything is stable and you are well. You may feel mild visual hallucinations, out of body experience and other similar mild effects that wear off quickly. This is perfect and what we want to happen! It is a sign you are responding to the infusion therapy and is encouraging, letting us know we are on the right path to helping you.

As your sessions move forward, the doctor may add medications, vitamins and other nutrients to maintain and even enhance the positive effects of the infusions and treat any unpleasant sensations should they occur. The type and number of nutrients added and how often you receive them depends on the severity of your symptoms, other medications you are on currently, and your response to the treatment. After completion of the initial series of infusions, you will likely need maintenance infusions. This will vary from patient to patient but may be tapered to once every several weeks to several months or longer depending on how you respond. Our goal is to provide the fewest treatments that give you the best results. If you want to learn more about ketamine IV infusion therapy, call or complete our online form to book a consultation.