Dr. Michael Pellegrino has been working in the Southeastern Massachusetts area since 1996. He graduated from UNECOM Medical School in 1991 and after a rotational internship and a year as a surgical resident, he completed 3 additional years in an Emergency Medicine residency at SUNY-Syracuse Upstate Medical University. He has been Board Certified since and has cared for the sickest and most complex patients as an attending ER physician for decades. Dr. Pellegrino opened a private practice in 1999 for several years where he also practiced osteopathy and acupuncture.

He has studied the use of Ketamine for years and administered Ketamine many hundreds of times at anesthetic doses but has also seen the psychiatric and pain relief benefits at lower level infusions over the years as well.

Dr. Pellegrino has always been interested in complementary and adjunctive medicine as he sees the incredible value of combining a wide variety of therapies. For years he has struggled with the way contemporary Western medicine managed both psychiatric illnesses and those with chronic pain. It is clear to him that there are few and most often inadequate therapies to truly help many of these patients. Many do not seek or receive the very important psychiatric or pain management care they need. They were, and still are, poorly integrated and many times marginalized in our communities. Worse than this, these patients often become dependent on medications that are dangerous and damaging, leaving them feeling lost and often with little hope of truly ever feeling happy or free from pain.

More recently, his interest in the use of Ketamine for treatment resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety, fibromyalgia, CRPS, Reflex sympathetic pain, postpartum depression and others has spurred his desire to offer this therapy to the communities he has served for so many years. His hope is to add to the therapies and interventions these patients are undergoing by offering Ketamine and vital nutrients in a way that is specifically tailored to each individual's needs.